Thursday, March 23, 2017

My Arty Week in Portraits and Urban Sketches

This week I will start by sharing four Sktchy Portraits from the Sktchy App. I do these relaxed in my recliner at night, often while watching TV. Or the TV is on in the background, as I do pay full attention to my art journal as I am drawing. It's very meditative for me.

This is "Big Al", a California artist, who said he loved what I did with his photo.

I'm really having fun with backgrounds as you can see ...

And I love, love, love focusing on fabrics like the folds in her head scarf.

Needless to say the background on this purple/pink/redhead's photo was a true challenge and one I enjoyed immensely.

Then during the mornings of my week I have time to stop in coffee shops where I draw the other folks there, embellishing colors sometimes, and of course putting thoughts in their heads and words in their mouths.

Sometimes it's  a body position that catches my eye, or a bright red hat ...

And sometimes it's just the next person my eye finds along the wall or at the tables in front of me, who gets chosen.

It's fun to make up conversations they may or may not be having ...

And sometimes those thoughts and words come from my own experiences and from what's on my mind at that particular time.

It's definitely spring in California. I've been planting in my vegetable garden, pulling weeds, and thinking of more things I can plant in containers. I found three wire bowls at the thrift store today and will fill them with those inserts and add dirt and maybe some strawberry plants or tomatoes that can spill over their sides after I hang them on my fence over my veggie garden.

These women were more interested in the colors of the season ... And almost everyone has changed their black coats for more colorful outer wear.

Except this woman below, who may or not be a spy. I think she probably isn't, but again the stuff in the NEWS gets stuck in my brain when I write these things.

I wish you a creative week to come. Thanks for stopping by, and thanks for your comments that are the fuel that keeps me drawing.

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Life is Good!

It's hard to know what problems my people will encounter in any given week. This week was full of them. Take the biker and the redhead, who could not believe the other was truly interested in them:

Or this husband, who couldn't get his wife to sit still and listen to him.

Or the gal on her laptop, who had already written one Dear John letter a week ago ...

... The  younger sister, who just wanted a little reassurance, but big sister wasn't going to help with that!

... or those infernal long lines at Starbucks! Where waiting is the name of the game!

But this one really took the prize! The two lovers were fine, but then unseen here was this other guy who came in with flowers for a different women, who wouldn't look up from her phone to receive them. From my vantage point it looked like "apology flowers" for what I can only guess at, and she was not in the mood to accept his apology! He finally left. Don't know what happened to the flowers.

On a lighter and more positive note this daughter was appreciative of her mom's help with her homework.

Some days were rather uneventful, just he usual waiting in line and chatting.

We went to another town and a café near the court house, where lawyers and jury members and such hang out. I found this couple of interest.

And I always start and end my week on Thursdays at Barnes & Noble Café where regulars and newbies hang out doing their thing, the red table is the giveaway.

And then there is my evening at home art done in my recliner off my iPhone on the Sktchy  App.
A fun way to draw faces. I look for expressions and emotions when I can.

I love drawing all of these people. As you can see the most recent is #181. I've almost filled two art journals with Sktchy folks. Bought the next one today to be ready to continue.
I hope you are having a Creative week and I wish you another coming up. My life is full of drawing, digging in dirt/starting my spring/summer garden, and something I haven't done in a very long time, years, sewing.
Thanks for coming by and know that your comments keep me drawing!

Thursday, March 9, 2017

An Arty Artful Week

Welcome to my art filled week. Be grateful that I actually have not posted everything I drew this week. There was a challenge called #OneWeek100people something like that, and I wasn't going to join in then half way through the week I found myself seeing how many people I could draw at Starbucks in one hour and I drew 52 of them! I know, a lot. And since I had drawn a good number already that week I only had to draw 13 more to make 100. So I did! But I haven't posted them.
Just too many art journal pages.

Instead, some of my usual faire:

These fine folks at the coffee shop ...

and these ...

And then of course there is the nightly Sktchy Portrait, this night there was a photo of four women all laughing and having a grand time. I got three of them in this portrait ...

And the forth one on another night. Aren't they lovely though?

And then back to the coffee shop every morning but Tuesdays, as I have clients on Tuesday.

I finished another art journal with these fine folks.

And started the next new one with these ...

And these ...

I love finding fun expressions on the Sktchy folks photos to draw! She liked this one.

For International Women's Day I drew Malala also on Sktchy. She is such a dynamic young woman.

And today I finished up at Barnes & Noble Café where I quickly drew my regular gals there,

and these two sitting alone.  I did find a nice spirial art journal on sale for my littlest grand daughter, with a picture of the girls in Frozen on it's hard cover. Was glad I noticed this 50% off sale sign in the window when I was drawing or I might have missed the good deal.

Oh, and then something quite funny happened. As you can see on the right page I started to draw a woman who was sitting there, but I had only drawn this one small line of her head when she got up to leave. I told my husband of my frustration, when he said the things on the left page which got me laughing so hard I thought I was going to loose it completely. It's nice having a humorous husband.

Wishing you a Creative Week. Thanks for Stopping by and please know that your visits and comments do keep me drawing!

Thursday, March 2, 2017

Welcome to my Week in Art

Oh dear, looked like I started out the week with a negative thought, not like me, however ...

You know my people have conversations and thoughts of their own!

I just follow them around from one coffee spot to another and let them have their say.

The day I was drawing these folks a man sitting next to me was leaning over trying to see what I was doing. He asked if I was sketching. I asked if he wanted to see. He looked through my entire art journal of these coffee shop cartoons and laughed and laughed. I couldn't have been given a higher compliment. I told him when he finished that I had drawn him numerous times. I even found one in my book to show him.

He shared that he was a poet and he shared a few poems he'd written that he had on his phone. He shared a bit of his life history with me too, as it made the poem make sense. He is the only child of Holocaust survivor parents and his writing depicted this is such a way to bring tears to my eyes.
It was nice meeting a landsman, someone I'd drawn before, and to find out what we had in common. (both Jewish, artists)
I'm sure we will chat again.

Sometimes my people have nothing to say at all.

I enjoy being observant and spotting interesting things and goings on.

And once in a while I pull my art journal out at other places like on this day when my car needed an oil change.

Sometimes the environment influences the talk. Like these real signs at Barnes & Noble Café.

And then there are my evenings sitting in my recliner when I find photographs on my Sktchy App that catch my eye and I sit and draw 
and color them with ink and Copic markers.


I love these people who let me draw them and it's especially heartwarming when they give me feed  back telling me they like what I've done with their photos. They are on the Sktchy App for iPhone. And some of them actually look very close to the real person. I'm getting better as I grow my drawing skills.

Guess where I am going tomorrow? To the quilt store. I haven't made a quilt in over five years. But I am going to get back to it having had a request, so I need to smarten up my skills. I hope it's like riding a bicycle and I will get back on my sewing machine and remember how to ride it.

Wishing you all a Creative Week ahead. Thanks so much for coming to see what I draw. I love your visits and comments and they truly do keep me drawing.