Thursday, October 20, 2016

A Week of Drawing on Sktchy App, Portraits from Photos; Urban Sketches, Family and Garden

This past week I drew every evening (almost) using photos that folks upload on an app called Sktchy.
I look for interesting poses and especially enjoy drawing hair!

Especially nice is getting feed back from those I drew and finding that each one liked them.

Drawing this group was fun too. A real challenge.

Another compliment was being asked by a group member to request me to draw them after seeing how I drew others!

During the day I spent mornings out and about drawing in coffee cafes, per usual.

And this happens to be the last page in my tan paged journal I started on October 1 and finished on the 17th. Fifty drawings in 17 days, but who's counting?

And even though these pages look a bit tan, they are actually white and are the first pages in my next Travelers Sketch book.

And as you can see I am devoting lots of room to practice Creative Lettering.

You won't be surprised to know that our youngest of five grandchildren is also quite artistic. We got this photo of her in action this week!!! Don't you just love those walls!

And finally a snap shot of my garden from where I sit on my new rattan love seat next to the redwood trees. We planted this in mid August and have been enjoying watching it grow. The flowering plants get bigger and the vegetables continue to produce. I love walking through it and eating my way from one end to the next. (green beans, peas, bites of spinach, cherry tomatoes; I pick the cucumbers to take inside to make salads and the zucchini to cook for dinner. I also have been feeding three neighbors. It is so peaceful out there, so relaxing, my little bit of heaven at home. I'm happy to share it with you here.

Now I wish you a creative week ahead. Thank you for coming by and leaving your comments. You know they are what keeps me drawing!

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Musical Week with Lots of Postive Moments

Let's start my week with a contribution to Inktober prompt "Lost", also posted in "I Love Creative Lettering", showing, admitting to my being directionally challenged, which I am! 

I love this quote! Because I've been guilty of doing the crying, but am getting better at enjoying the moment and trusting that there will be more moments ... And enjoying the other moments in between even if I find myself enjoying them by myself!

A very fun day full of moments, musical moments and moments full of drawing opportunities, happened last Saturday when we went to the annual El Cerrito Free Folk Festival.

This guy wound up sitting next to me when he got done performing on the open mike stage and he SAW THAT I WAS DRAWING HIM, yep, got caught in the act. Well, he loved it! He asked if he could photograph it! I gave him one of my new artist cards I told about in last week's post. He agreed to sign this drawing. It was an exciting moment for me. Then I drew the next guy singing and Shawn's woman friend said "It's awesome!" It's nice to get positive feedback about what we are doing in life. 

Here's another story for you. I drew the lady in the yellow dress at one workshop, then wound up sitting next to her at the end of the day at the last singing event we went to, which happened to be Shawn again singing in a trio. Suddenly this women looking down at my feet exclaimed "My God, you have tiny feet!" I was a little taken aback as I'm not used to people exclaiming over the size of my feet. 
Later, after we were walking back to our car there she was again staring at my feet. To tell you the truth her feet didn't look that much larger than mine. But I guess she found mine to be unique. (They are small, my husband calls them hooves!) tee hee.

I love this woman. I see her at all the music festivals we go to. She has the sweetest smile I've ever seen! Her eyes twinkle when she smiles. It's a joy to see. I enjoyed drawing her.

It was fun listening and learning about songs in Yiddish. 
My dear late uncle Harry loved the Yiddish language, so of course I thought about him while listening to this music.

Some was in Ladino from Sephardic Judaism.

It was a great day full of great moments.
Hopefully we'll go again next year.

Then I continued my drawing in coffee cafes.

And I continue drawing for I Love Creative Lettering ...

And Inktober, prompt "Jump" ...

Inktober "Transport"

Inktober "Hidden"
Drawn from Sktchy photo.

And I'm back to Sktchy site drawing portraits from photos and I used it for Inktober "Worried". 

Sktchy and Inktober "Scared"

And for "I Love Creative Lettering".

And finally done today at Starbucks, two guys I've drawn numerous times before ...

... Two new guys talking in American Sign Language ... I wish I'd remembered more of what I'd learned a few years ago, not that I wanted to eves drop on their conversation, but it would have been fun to recognize some signs I'd learned. 

And lastly, a lady in pink! 

It was a good week full of good moments. I hope yours was too.

Now let's head out to another Creative week! 
Happy Paint Party Friday
Thanks for stopping by and for your comments, as they keep me drawing!

Thursday, October 6, 2016

My Inky Week by Lynn Cohen

Let's get a foot in the door: 

As usual my drawing week started off at Starbucks! The woman who belongs to this foot and shoe, and yes one large purple toe nail,  was sitting so close to me I could hear everything she said in two languages. The guy with her said little. I thought her shoes very cute, though not MY style. Fun to draw though. 

As you can see I'm still lettering like crazy. And posting them in the Facebook group I created after taking Creative Lettering in Sketchbook Skool, called "I Love Creative Lettering"! 

On Thursday we go to Barnes and Noble so this was last week. Because I drew this guy again today with his sidekick. They are almost always there together. 
You'll see them together towards the end of this post.

These ladies I draw time and time again too. The gal with her back to us here also shows up again at the end of this post! She's alone though. 

Another morning at Starbucks. As you have probably already noticed I'm drawing and coloring almost exclusively with Gelli Roll Gel pens! Loving them. This is the last page in the art journal my 12 year old grand daughter gave me for my birthday in June. It took one month to fill it.

Gel Pens: And doodling more lettering with them.

Last weekend on Saturday we went to Dixon to the annual Lamb Festival to hear the live music! My husband's guitar teacher asked him to perform between sets, but his stage fright isn't allowing for it quite yet. It was nice to be asked. He sings very well.

Matt is his teacher and this is Matt's wife. She sings well too. 

These ladies sat across from us and ate while the others sang and I drew them. I hope they are  not eating lamb, but they well could have been. The festival was a weavers and knitters paradise with all sorts of wool being spun and colorful skeins of yarn for sale.

The banjo player was excellent and fast!!!

Grand son Aaron and his edible art piece from a zucchini he picked in my garden
His twin sister Yael with her art as well.
On Sunday half my family, daughter, son in law, two of our five grandkids and my brother came for a garden party birthday brunch. The kids turned 12 in September! They also decided to turn the zucchini from my garden into edible art!

I'm participating in Inktober, drawing in ink everyday in October, as if I wouldn't anyway! The first prompt was Collection, and you can well imagine I have a good sized collection of pens. These are just a few of them.

The next prompt was Hungry. I turned a Starbucks patron into an eating and drinking hungry person.

Then they wanted Sad. It wasn't hard to imagine reasons someone might be feeling sad these days.

Oh, I wasn't quite done with Hungry.

                Front.                                                               Back

I had some artist cards made from Moo on line. They did a bang up job putting my art and words on very stylish square thick cards. I was proud to hand one to a fellow artist I saw also drawing at Barnes & Noble today. He liked my art too. 

Hidden was the next prompt for the Inktober challenge.

Another group at a different Starbucks. We rotate them. 

She added her photo to be drawn on the Sketchy app. I thought I'd try a colorful portrait on black paper with gel pens. She thought it was cool.

More lettering. Learning an on line artist friend is dying of cancer prompted me to draw this. 
You just never know when. 

They were at Starbucks too.

These guys I drew this morning at Barnes & Noble Cafe. I've draw the guy on top before.

And these are the two guys I seem to draw a lot there. They pulled into the parking lot just as we did. I knew who I'd be drawing today.

And she's there often as well, usually with another woman. Today she was alone, but took the largest table, spread her stuff out and seemed to be talking quietly to someone not there. I bet it was that same friend.

I've had another prolific week drawing, gardening, and cooking. Did a bit of my day job too. 

I'm wishing you a creative week ahead. Embrace life. Every moment counts. And remember to vote. 
It's so very important.

Happy Paint Party Friday too! Thanks for coming by.