Thursday, December 1, 2016

My Crazy MIxed up Week

WELCOME to my blog this week. I load photos from my iPhone using a Blogger App because all my photos are now on my phone; it's a slow process and it gives me lots of headaches (error messages, "try again") But here I am and here they are, NOT in the order they were drawn this time, but here nonetheless.
Drawings  #1  #2 and  #3 were all drawn today at Barnes & Noble Café.
The two ladies in the first drawing are regulars. I overheard their conversation while greeting a third woman momentarily, and heard said something to the effect that told me they were all "Writers"! So NOW I know what they have been up to all these months that I have observed them working together there on their computers. I have drawn both of these two many times before. You may even recognize them by now.

These two guys are also a couple I have drawn numerous times before as well. I am sure they now recognize me too. I have no idea if they realize I am drawing them or not.

And these two guys were new to me. I haven't got a clue what they were doing, but it looked like work.
My eye was drawn to all the gardening books behind them, as you can see.
I have become an avid gardener myself since this past summer and our new landscaping.

Meanwhile I am also continuing to draw from the Sktchy App on my iPhone. I like drawing from those photos of people. It's fun when they see my renditions of themselves and tell me they like them.

I did both of these portraits last night sitting in my recliner in front of the TV.

The day before we were in Starbucks in Dixon where I saw these two women chatting away.
Drawers License allows me to put words in their mouths and thoughts in their heads.


And this woman, who had extreme hair was begging to be drawn.
 It was truly mind boggling HIGH!

The night before last I drew a few more Sktchy folks.

Earlier in the week I drew this handsome fellow. He really liked it.

And this guy had a distorted photo of himself much like a distorted photo I had of my self so I drew us both as a couple. He said we were  "cute".

Back at Starbucks on a different day these two lovely young ladies were busy at their laptops.

And this woman had a tall orange knit cap that caught my eye.

This fellow was busy blending into the background.

These two women were actually at the same table talking to each other, but sometimes I miss place a person on my page so they get their own separate table.

Another Sktchy person, who I think I got a very good likeness of. I don't often do that, but am pleased that this time I did. I guess it can happen.

Another day another Starbucks in town this time, was busy.

More Sktchy models. I have drawn her twice before. I am mesmerized by her look.

Vin is on Sktchy too and I've drawn him before from different photos. He was one of our teachers in Sketchbook Skool.
Speaking of which, they have a brand new klass for beginner drawers for people who think they can't draw, but would like to learn. Basic stuff, and I'm taking it, as I never really learned basics before. I just draw what I see. But feel I can learn new tricks. It's called Drawing for People who Think they have NO Talent.
Check it out at and it's only $29 for 26 videos
with Danny Gregory.

This was in another town in another Starbucks.

She liked my portrait of her too.

Last week at Barnes and Noble Café (these photos were meant to be at the top of this post, but due to the error messages, etc. they made it to the bottom) No matter.
It was the day after Thanksgiving. We did NOT go shopping.
Just out for coffee and drawing and then home again.

I loved this woman's tights. They were shiny and bright and did look like a mosaic of fish fins to me.

She was showing off photos on her phone to another woman.

There's the other woman with grey hair and they were joined by a third woman.

These gals were there too, but sitting behind them on the next level up on high stools and table.
The Dinosaur is a friend on the wall behind them.

Ah, this was drawn at a fast food joint we went into because my husband's blood sugar level was down and he needed a food boost before getting to our Thanksgiving Day destination.

Another happy Sktchy person.

Back at the Dixon Starbucks on another day.

And here ...

and here ...

Last, but not least, we were in Winters, CA for lunch at the El Pueblo Meat Market on yet another day. We are busy getting out and about on purpose to get me places and people to draw. It works for me.
Thank YOU for coming by and visiting my blog. Your visits and comments keep me drawing.
Hope to see you all next week again.

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Happy Thanksgiving

Welcome to my week of drawings. I did a lot of portraits this week.  Eleven from photos on the Sktchy App and two from photos of on line friends.

I drew this woman last week in black and white. She has such a soulful face.

And this little guy had such a cute expression.

She looks exotic to me.

And she had such interesting lines.

Jens had such a beatific smile for someone in the hospital.   I hope he's okay.

I look for interesting poses and her squeezing her lips together really got my attention!

I loved her hat and glasses!

 I enjoy drawing people from different cultures.

And different racial backgrounds.

She didn't really fall down, but I had to give her a story as she sat in the middle of this path.

And here she is again. A truly beautiful young woman.

Harold is an online artist friend who had a birthday this week. I felt like drawing him and wishing him a happy day. He's an Urban Sketcher too and draws in Chicago while I'm drawing in California.

When Jaimie saw it (another online artist friend) I could tell by his response he'd like one as well so I drew him too. He liked it.

I continued to draw all week at the coffee houses and made stories out of the scenes I came upon.

I hope you enjoy seeing them as much as I enjoyed drawing them.

Sometimes I draw more men than women...

And other times there are more women than men ...

Or one of each.

I leave you with a flower from my garden as my Thanksgiving Bright Wish to you. I am grateful for so many things. I like looking at the bright side of life. This flower and a garden full of others like it help that be so.

Thank you for coming by.
Have a Creative Week.
Be good to everyone around you.
And I hope they are equally good to you.
I appreciate your comments as they
Really Do Keep Me Drawing!
See you next week!